Photographs focusing on Brussels and the surrounding area


Eric Ostermann is a self-taught photographer from Ixelles, who took part in photo labs during his time at boarding school, before taking up photography again when his first daughter was born 16 years ago. Working on various platforms and dedicated networks, he has evolved his technique and perception over time. He has chosen to show Brussels in a different light, to open his public’s eyes to places sometimes visited every day without really paying attention. His three niches are street photography, reflections and rooftop shots. Standing on the heights of Brussels gives him a sense of calm and serenity, despite all the noise of the nearby city. These are moments of grace that allow him to concentrate on what he’s observing and bring out the best in it. Watching the sun set and the city light up from the rooftops of Brussels is already a real pleasure, but sharing it through photography is even more so. At the same time, street photography takes up a good part of his time. Every weekend, he heads out into the city to capture details and spontaneous scenes. The reflections he catches in puddles, fountains and ponds lead him to search for photographic compositions that are sometimes complicated and totally invisible to the untrained eye. Having to stoop low to the ground in search of the perfect reflection of the subject to be photographed leads him to results that are generally as surprising as they are disconcerting.