My particular interest was to capture in works the different phases of my romantic duel. A personal experience with a large dose of sensitivity. The work is divided into five parts: melancholy, sadness, anger, hatred and indifference, and at the same time, these parts are combined with concepts such as: idealism, tearing, rupture, loss, ignorance and security. Each material used was discovered at random. Materials with a past life, to which I gave a new reading and a second chance.


Alberto Sola is a Basque visual artist. He trained as an artist at the University of Bilbao in the specialty of Hyperrealist Painting. In 2014, he moved to Brussels where he continued his training in the world of fashion. From this moment, 2014, he decided to no longer exhibit his work, it was at this moment and out of personal motivation that he decided to resume his work and show it again.