we.art.xl is an incubator of socio-cultural projects that embodies a dynamic and inclusive vision of culture and art in contemporary society. The association positions itself as a catalyst for creativity and innovation, providing a unique platform for artists, creators, and social entrepreneurs eager to develop projects with a positive impact on the community.

The goal of we.art.xl is to transcend barriers between communities and different artistic disciplines, fostering an environment where collaboration and exchange are not only encouraged but essential.

Through a tailored support program, participants benefit from comprehensive assistance, ranging from mentoring by recognized professionals in their fields, access to coworking spaces, networking opportunities, as well as extensive support in fundraising and professionalization processes.


the Artists' Trail

The Ixelles Artists’ Trail is an annual artistic and cultural event. This event is characterized by the discovery of artists’ workshops, art galleries, as well as spaces dedicated to collective exhibitions and installations in public places.
2 Colonnades 2019

the Colonnades

At the heart of our approach to social, cultural, and artistic mediation lies the deep conviction that creativity, collaboration, and mutual aid are powerful forces capable of transforming not only our physical spaces but also our mindsets and our way of living together.


Matong’Art, a bold project, aims to unveil the culturally rich identity of Matonge neighborhood. Through exhibitions, artistic performances, and workshops, the initiative explores diverse facets of this dynamic community, celebrating its cultural heritage and creating a space for exchange and discovery.


Creativity is the central pillar of our approach. We tailor our activities according to the age and interests of the participants, encouraging them to think together on various themes such as cleanliness, community living, bullying, tolerance, etc.