“Creativity is the central pillar of our approach. We adapt our activities according to the age and interests of the participants, encouraging them to reflect together on various themes such as cleanliness, community living, bullying, tolerance, etc. This approach not only stimulates expression and sharing, but also fosters a spirit of mutual assistance. From these shared reflections, we guide them in a creative collaboration to produce a short film at the end of the training.

Learning through fun and mutual assistance is at the heart of our method. We prioritize playful experimentation; by having fun together, we broaden their horizons and enrich their perspectives. For us, hands-on experience and play take precedence over theory and technique, thus fostering a dynamic and interactive learning environment.”

Focus on imagination, creativity, and expression

Developing talents:

Giving young people (less favored by life) the opportunity to showcase their skills, and increase their potential through relevant and accessible training. Let’s open up new future perspectives, and give them the desire to create and undertake.

Learning and helping each other while having fun

The emphasis is on experimentation and by having fun together, we expand their vision. We prioritize experience and play, rather than theory or technique.

Stimulating learning and sowing the seeds of entrepreneurship.

The real engine of change is the human being, the future is the future entrepreneurs, creators, workers, researchers… Let’s give the younger generations the desire to undertake and make human capital the major asset of this revolution. Let’s also give job seekers the opportunity to find work more easily through the accumulation of new skills.
  • Will we have the courage to think and shape the world of tomorrow?
  • Will we be actors or spectators of this change?
  • Are we giving the younger generations the means to respond to the challenges of the future?