The work plays on the ambiguity of present/past. It forces the viewer to question themselves, to find clues in the images in search of some semblance of truth. He uses the photographic medium for narrative purposes, to create fiction.


A passionate photographer, Alexandra Leroux has been practicing this activity for around fifteen years. She first did it as a hobby. Photography is an opportunity for her to take a break from a very busy life. Thanks to her lens, she focuses her gaze and marvels at the details present in nature, monuments, objects. In 2011, she enrolled at the Agnès Varda photography school. She carries out various projects: portrait photography, fashion photography, reporting. She understands that the image must represent an offbeat moment, a fragility, the expression of an emotion. She also gives importance to the human dimension in carrying out a project. Meet the photographed subject, listen to their story, develop a relationship of trust and transpose the sensitivity of the subject to the image. In 2018, she started classes at the Ixelles School of Arts. She is interested in and deepens the artistic dimension associated with the image. She leaves more room for imagination and creativity in carrying out her projects. It moves away from the objective representation of reality. She tries to see differently. According to her, the image must disturb, astonish, make people question.