I would like to present my latest works – abstract paintings, acrylic on canvas, cardboard and wood.


After living and studying in Budapest, Bonn and Limerick, Alina-Alexandra Georgescu, originally from Romania, has been living in Brussels for 18 years. She has been a passionate painter for over 6 years, first as a student in Quentin Smolders’ class at the Ecole des Arts d’Ixelles, and then as a Pluridisciplinaire student at the same school, where she paints, engraves, ceramics and more. She paints on paper, cardboard and canvas with acrylic. Her paintings often combine lyrical abstraction with a love of natural forms. With emotion and gratitude, Alina loves to surround herself with beautiful, luminous colors to celebrate life. Sun, light and color are one of the greatest gifts we receive every day. Colors, like human beings, find meaning and become extraordinary in the presence of others. They unite and vibrate when linked in a living dance.