AOA Awakening of Art I Art of AwakeningThe AOA series is an ode to joy that invites audiences to awaken their five senses to navigate life. Works such as “Horse with no Name,” R.A.M. [Randomly accessing our Memories], R.O.Y [Robin ROI], T.O.R.O, Qinlin, P.o.R.K.o and many others, take the form of statuettes in bronze, ceramic or resin. They encourage the public to live fully, to feel life and to reintegrate intuition and creativity into their daily lives, in order to enrich their experience and make it even more beautiful.


His work explores how we, as human beings, are increasingly involved in technology, which gives us more and more autonomy but also makes us more and more dependent. As a society, we need to think about the choices we want to make about our relationship with technology. His art is directly inspired by his experience of the positive and negative aspects of technology and seeks to bring us back to tangible reality and the things that truly matter, something we will all have to face as a society. It encourages us to find meaning by reconnecting with our senses, by connecting with our body as much as with our brain, and to find balance both individual and collective. She advocates a return to our roots, where daily rituals were associated with transcendent moments, through objects that remind us of the importance of life and the force of the animal spirit, as well as a closer connection with our human nature.As a science communicator and creative partner, she finds wonder and amazement in collaborating with scientists, creators and artists.