On the occasion of this artists’ journey, we are delighted to present to you different photos that we took during photo shoots with our models in the IHECS studios. In fact, we did photo sessions with 6 fat speakers, each having their own universe based on different play of colors and lights. Our posters not only make it possible to sublimate the fat body, to revalorize it, but they also have a symbolic aim because they make it possible to give space to fat people, excluded from public space.


Ample, it is not only a media dissertation carried by 6 master’s students in socio-cultural animation at IHECS. The project goes much further, it is an awareness campaign against fatphobia. Since September 2022, our commitment to the fight against fatphobia has brought us together, and over the months we have seen the birth of an innovative and multimedia project combining photography, sound, video, photo, graphics… We are Adeline Jacquemin, Maelle Bodeux , Margaux Van Thielen, Milla Stassen, Emy Windels and Laura Pueyo all linked by the desire to reduce societal and systemic fatphobia by making public spaces welcoming and adapted to fat bodies.