Ben Coosmans is a silkscreen artist and graphic designer based in Brussels. His work is inspired by the traces left in public spaces by man or time, which or time, changing its aesthetic. He calls them “urban textures”. Traces generally considered as degradation or vandalism are, in his eyes, a poetic chaos, to him, poetic chaos. He extracts these textures from their initial context to integrate them into his compositions like a visual sampler, echoing the punk culture, graffiti and urban music of the of the ’90s. The influence of music and urban art are intimately linked through his artistic practice and graphic experimentation. The result is a dynamic attitude of pictorial transgression that attempts to shake up form and content. His search for abstraction attempts to thwart the boundary with the figurative and awaken us to new associations. associations, moving from form to formlessness, from the known to the unknown. He assembles, superimposes, juxtaposes, confronts and hijacks graphic elements unusual contrasts. Through this poetic chaos, he offers us a deconstructed universe of fragile equilibrium in constant constantly evolving, allowing the unexpected to emerge.


From 2002 to 2007 : Bachelor’s degree in printed image and visual communication from LA CAMBRE (ENSAV) in Brussels. 2007 : agrégation / art classes in primary and secondary schools. and secondary levels. 2007 – 2009 : assistant screen printer for artist Jean Pierre Muller. 2009 – 2019 : Various positions in the hotel and catering industry and as a freelance graphic designer. 2015-2018 : Integration of Ton Piquant workshop / gallery dedicated to graphic art and screen printing workshop (Ixelles). 2015 – present: Participation in various group exhibitions and designer markets. 2018 – 2023 : creation of Image Fantôme / print shop / gallery dedicated to handmade printed images / silkscreen workshop / creative studio (graphic design and distribution). 2020 – present: collaboration with Renew art Gallery. First solo exhibition at Natural caffè (Ixelles). 2020 – present : various exhibitions and collaborations on art projects.