My work aligns with the contemporary movement of neo-figurativism. I draw on the visible to reveal the unusual within the familiar, the depth beneath surfaces, the essence beneath appearances. I enjoy sparking questioning and wonder. I am interested in the marks of human experiences. I bring attention to the dignity of workspaces and encourage a close look at what banality obscures. I guide the gaze where it doesn’t naturally go to identify a meaning, humor, or secret beauty. An alignment of scooters in the street, a disorderly construction site, a workshop, a familiar place seen through a distorting mirror—these are things we might not give a second glance. A attentive gaze allows one to perceive a density of life, to grasp the visual poetry born from play of light or reflections, the proximity of colors, and the interplay of lines and shapes.


After a professional career in the medical field, I discovered oil painting, marking the beginning of my journey as an artist. Currently, my body of work consists of 80 pieces (oil on canvas) and has evolved towards larger formats. I started opening my studio, located at my home, to visitors.

  • 2019: Participation in We-art-XL through a studio exhibition.
  • 2021: “Coup de cœur” at the We-art-XL exhibition (Ets Demeuldre).
  • 2023: Solo exhibition at Galerie Simoncini (Luxembourg).
  • 2023: Solo exhibition at Galerie Talmart (Paris). (See