With “Halo”, an immersive exhibition, Tobias Zehntner invites us into his strange, poetic world.
A minimalist artistic proposition made up of suspended lights that rotate above the audience, their bulbs lighting up all the brighter the closer they are to each other, creating a constant flow of light and shadow. A Swiss-born artist based in Brussels, Tobias’ academic background is multi-faceted, combining studies in architecture, photography, fine art and technology. This versatility is reflected in his artistic work and his favorite subjects: light, movement, space and time. Tobias finds inspiration in the trivial or commonplace facts of everyday life. For “Halo”, his attention was drawn to the flashing lights of vehicles in traffic, sometimes synchronous, sometimes asynchronous. This inspired him to deploy this idea, transcribe it and hybridize it to his own interests, while adapting it to the building that would host it, creating an intimate dialogue between place, installation and audience. While “Halo” found its first setting in the church of Notre-Dame de la Cambre, the installation will be transposed to the Chapelle de Boondael to renew the experience. It’s an accessible, intuitive experience, a moment suspended in time, where you can sit back and let yourself be captivated by the magic and poetry of light movements.

Exhibiting artists: Tristan Bründler, Omar Castillo Alfaro, Paola Siri Renard & Astrid Vandercamere