Collages, porcelain plates created from collages.


Jean Paul Masse de Rouch aka JPMDR uses the art of collage, drawing inspiration from his travels and the materials he brings back. From photos that he has taken and reworked, JPMDR creates collages for which he also uses objects, papers, fabrics… Each collage tells a story and is at the same time a snapshot of an emotion. This BrAMS 3 exhibition is an opportunity for JPMDR to essentially present two series of new collages MEISEN is a series of porcelain dishes and plates created from collages. RELIEFS is also a new adventure of collages made on thermo-formed plastic sheets on sculptures. JPMDR is a French economist and jurist who made a career in European diplomacy. Writer: he wrote and published seven novels and a photo novel (book table). Journalist: he collaborated with numerous magazines in Belgium, France and Holland and designed a travel magazine Travellings which was then transformed into a permanent Almanac He also developed one of his long-time passions: COLLAGE. His works are the result of several years of work exploring the art of collage. Solo or group exhibitions in Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland and in particular;

  • 2015-2017: Solo exhibitions with Galerie Emilie Dujat (Geneva, Brussels, Paris)
  • 2018-2019: The ART 22 Gallery represents it. Group and duo exhibitions and solo exhibition in Italy.
  • 2019: Solo exhibition at Strokar Inside: Retrospective and presentation of a giant fresco.
  • 2020-2023: Various solo or group exhibitions: Light Hot and Pop solo exhibition with the Emilie Dujat Gallery. Group exhibition with the BrAMS collective. Launch of a collection of t-shirts and then silk scarves made from collages. Valentine Art Lovers exhibition with Elvis Pompilio, Barbara Greindel, and Isabelle Derecque.