The harsh reality of confinement and the pseudo-extasy that followed made flowers grow in my studio, without having premeditated it: a window opened onto nature. My recent paintings are like zoomed-in landscapes. Nature breathes, “it’s teeming”. When chaos gives rise to a certain harmony, a certain balance, there’s hope, however small. Traces of the passage of time or an infinite world, they reflect a long journey before the last touch appears, as if they never want to end… Soon comes appeasement. Workshop open “hors zone” (112 rue Malibran) on Sunday 15/10 from 11am to 6pm.


1998-2023: 25 years of living painting. Like my training (a bit of academy, a lot of workshops), my approach favors eclecticism. I like to feed my work with sketches made on the spot, while always trying to interpret it in my own way. Starting from nothing, like a performance that springs from an improvisation, delving into my sensory memory, studio research is guided by the music of the soul.