Force and magic of nature… the beauty of a certain chaos resonates within me. Emotional chaos merging with vegetal chaos. Wild, spontaneous, beautiful, and damaged vegetation. To feel alive. To find harmony in chaos… A freedom to exist, perhaps. To let oneself grow… To let the roots be felt… SHE PASSED THROUGH THE WINDOWS… FORGOT THE TIME.


Trained in Interior Architecture and Graphic Design, I’ve had a fulfilling creative career:

  • 1984 to 1987: Independent graphic designer, textile designer
  • 1987 to 2008: Creation, production, and distribution of Decorative Stationery collections under the label Mozaïk Créations
  • 2009 to 2011: Independent visual artist
  • 2011 to 2019: Head of the design studio at Artemio Since 2019… PAINTER… My approach revolves primarily around the discovery of decorative forms inspired by Nature, oscillating between realism and abstraction. It’s an artistic expression that inspires a tranquility for everyday living. Mother of three boys… Tom, Hugo, and Anatole And then… YOGA
  • 2003: Discovered yoga with Sabine Wavreil and practiced regularly
  • 2015 to 2018: Yoga Teaching Training at the Dhyana Formation School in Brussels
  • 2017: Yoga Teaching Training in India at the Ajit Sarkar School in Pondicherry, following the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo
  • Since 2019: Conducting workshops and sessions on SPONTANEOUS CREATIVITY AWAKENING