Women are “pies”… First represented in white pies, in waxed plaster, chained by chains made of white baking wire – this is the beginning, the carelessness, the cotton wool, the unspeakable invisible programming . They are linked but ignorant… All along the way, the women curl up into a ball. Incidents in life, mutilations, calls for help, etc. Then, streams of blood cover certain parts of their bodies. The women wake up slowly. They discover their chains – these conventions, obligations imposed for generations. Breaking away requires strength, courage and fight. Then, their bloody heads land on a saucer. They have matured, understood. They are ready for a new start. Finally, the exuviae are born. Multitude of women’s skins clinging to clouds that blow away in the wind, light. Final witnesses of the journey of women. They represent the abandonment of their murderous habits and mark the passage towards their freedom. The earth is round, so is life… It is therefore a cyclical work meaning that nothing is ever acquired. Everything is starting again. The certainties of the past are no longer current and may no longer be those of tomorrow. What matters is here and now…


Caty Berip (1964) lives in Ixelles. His work is the result of a comparison of his professional career with his artistic creation. She grew up in her grandfather’s workshop where wood, patinas and precious materials were used. Over the years, she has participated in numerous workshops within different academies in Belgium while simultaneously leading a very intense professional career. Having turned this page in her life, she devotes herself today to developing her artistic talents. Ambivalence is within his thinking. What she appeared to be may not be what she really is. What appears may not be what is. Materials and objects are diverted to cause trouble.