During my trip to Iceland in August 2022, I was confronted with unique landscapes of unrivalled beauty. The country’s climate and location create ever-changing spectacles. Glaciers, geysers, brightly-colored rivers, active or extinct volcanoes, snow-capped mountains: this diversity has given rise to a series of abstract photographs that make the viewer wonder what he or she is looking at. How far away is the object illustrated? Where is the illustrated object in relation to the photographer? Is it a photograph or a painting? What natural phenomenon has contributed to the formation of the object illustrated? One of the aims of the series of photographs presented here is to raise such questions, and to arouse the viewer’s curiosity as much as possible. But beyond that, the main aim is simply to admire the pure, untamed beauty of the landscapes that the Earth offers us.


It was while traveling that I realized that capturing the moment with my camera was as important to me as living it. I also realized that an image has much more to offer us than the first global vision we have of it. It’s by concentrating on the details that aren’t immediately obvious that I’ve built up my photographic style. I’m constantly on the lookout for the minimal and the abstract, in the hope of sharing my vision of the image with like-minded people. Many people confuse my abstract landscape photography with painting. Clément de Bellefroid.