“Goog Girl, really? In this new series, I want to explore the theme of women in the face of a society that’s still very much patriarchal, in the face of cultural, economic and institutional violence, in the face of advertising, her relationship with her body and the passage of time… I will present 6 works, format: 200/150cm. Various techniques: charcoal, chunky charkoal, graphite pencil, felt-tip pens, markers, spray paint, acrylic paint, on Canson paper.


I graduated in Fine Arts at Sainte Marie (Brussels) and at the Ecole des Arts d’Ixelles. I’ve been living in Ixelles for 11 years. For me, drawing is a physical, psychological and social need. It comes from my personal history, my experiences and my upbringing. Through my drawings, I want to influence our gender conditions, our lives, our rights. For exercise, to relax and find inspiration, I sketch people in motion, in the park, on the subway, on a café terrace. I do portraits of friends, family… But in fact, at my level, I’m pursuing a feminist approach. My aim is to show women free in and with their bodies, minds and movements. Free to pose, to think, to do, to practice the sport she wants, to dress as she pleases. In my drawings, my models reveal themselves, self-confident, relaxed, as are their dress, posture and attitude, taking their place in the space they have to fight for, again and again.