Painting on canvas or skateboards.


Biography Denis Meyers FR Denis Meyers was born in 1979 in Tournai (Belgium), he has lived and worked in Brussels since 1998 where he began his artistic career. He graduated in graphic design and typography from the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Visuels de la Cambre. His passion for graphic arts comes in part from his grandfather Lucien De Roeck (1915-2002) who notably created the emblem and poster for the Brussels Universal and International Exhibition in 1958. It was with him that Denis Meyers begins to draw every day. He will become a multifaceted artist whose art is available in the form of stickers, stencils, collages and even frescoes. Whatever the medium, his portraits with refined black lines or his singular writing are recognizable at first glance. His stylistic strength comes from the practice of typography and printing professions (graphic design, screen printing, engraving, typography) and also draws his inspiration from urban culture (hip-hop, graffiti) or from popular artistic forms. (comics, cinema). Since 1995, he has drawn and written daily in notebooks, a sort of research notebook, logbook or diary; allowing him to keep a trace, a memory of his encounters during his travels abroad, his moments spent in public places, during music festivals or more simply in his everyday life, particularly with his friends. children. He collects large-scale projects with private companies (Duvel, Bellerose, Dandoy, Eastpack, etc.), charitable projects (Laly, make a wish, Save my child, Prévention AIDS, pink, etc.) and numerous exhibitions since 2001. remember souvenir constitutes a major turning point in the career of Denis Meyers who today enjoys international notoriety. This artistic project was a world first with a success as unpredictable as it was extraordinary.