My creative process is very simple. I never try to represent anything in particular when I start a drawing or painting. That’s why I’m always surprised by the result. I simply start by drawing random shapes very close together. After a while, if I stand back or position my work at a particular angle, I’ll detect an image, an archetype, a totem or sometimes just plant forms, or other representations of nature. It’s sometimes like the games we used to play as children, when we’d look up at the clouds and end up seeing something in them that we hadn’t perceived at first.


Elise Hameau is a young French artist based in Brussels since 2014. Her work is inspired by traditional tribal cultures. She is greatly inspired by the symbolism of aborigines and Amerindians. We can thus find common themes in her creations with the theme of nature or the animal world as in the black and white series, part of which is presented in this tour.