The works are created using acrylic paint on canvases whose frames he designs the shape of the stretchers, shaping his workspace space for creativity. These projects are born in drawings he creates on paper which he then tests in a digital version, in search of the colors and aesthetics between drawing and artwork. He then paints. Sets of lines form a graphic style in which diagonals, strings and matter as a whole reign supreme. This series is called “Between Lines”.


Born in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. After a successful selection he studied visual arts at the UMSA (Universidad Mayor de San Andres) in La Paz. He discovered his country’s artists and learned about the different techniques and became fascinated by its culture. He decided to move to Europe to further his artistic career. He studied at the Ecole de Recherche Graphique (ERG) in Brussels. His visits to the great museums, from Paris to Madrid to Florence, European pictorial culture, particularly that of the Renaissance, which enriches which enriched my South American influences. Professionally, his creative sense is expressed in visual communications between printing and drawing. He also collaborated on the creation of a collection of scarves for fashion designer Olivier Strelli. He then went on to work in Paris for a young, flourishing company. for which he worked as a graphic designer, before taking charge of all communications. At the end of 8 fruitful years, he felt that graphic design, although he’s comfortable with it, doesn’t fulfill all his aspirations. That’s why, in April 2020, he decided to focus entirely on his artistic creations. artistic creations. Since then, he has devoted himself fully and passionately to it.