My work explore the relationship with time and infinity and takes on a cyclical character through the gesture’s repetition. In my day-to-day life, I am permanently in a state of wakefulness and alertness, in a constant search of an element of response to my quest for the time’s cycle in my environment. I then enter in some kind of meditation dictated by silence or the repetition of music.  » As an artist I try to transform reality, to rewrite another world.  » I often starts creations that require an extreme patience and practices then a meditative draw, point by point, or tracing circles always bigger with the intention of creating a space of freedom for the observer. An infinite where we can get lost without any constraints. It is by doing this and losing the notion of time that I regain control, by drawing the passing time.


I am a Belgian painter and drawer. Since my childhood, I like to express myself with ink and paper. I live and have my studio in Schaerbeek. I have been exhibiting regularly for the past 4 years in group exhibitions and more recently in several Brussels galleries.