In my paintings, I use a mix of vivid colors in unrealistic settings to convey the visceral feelings of my characters. Each canvas is carefully prepared to capture an almost theatrical pose inspired by Renaissance comic art. The geometric shapes and cramped space accentuate this impression. “Cornered” is the only still life in this series of paintings, and is intended as a parallel. As the name suggests (and in reference to confinement), this painting expresses the impossibility of expressing oneself outside a restricted space. “Confessions I” is part of a new series of paintings about sharing personal and painful emotions. The colors used here are less colorful, to evoke an intimacy with the viewer in a pseudo-confessional atmosphere. The frame (an American box) was chosen to accentuate this connection. All my paintings are done in oil on cotton canvas.


I’m a self-taught painter who’s been living in Brussels for four years. I started oil painting fifteen years ago and had the opportunity to take part in a virtual exhibition organized by the Holy Art a year ago. I won second prize for my painting entitled “Infinite Jest”. More recently, I was mentioned by the online sales platform Artsted for my series of paintings.