Ivee’s art is influenced by mysticism, ancient art forms, sacred geometry, light language, meditative repetition, nature’s daily life magick and by her continuous personal heritage of work on the consciousness and (un)seen frequencies. She embodies the believe of all is solid without a barrier line and she poetically interweaves « frequencies of light » to merge the invisible with the visible into a golden heirloom for an open invitation to feel, hear and see pure love. With a multidisciplinary approach she materialises vibrations and frequencies into a contemporary mixed media layered artwork. Sweet invites us to peel off our own layers and to remember our true essence – pure love made real. It is carried by the gold frequency and represented in her work by the golden thread.


Born in Kortrijk in 1989 and alternately living and working between Brussels and Morocco, Ineke Vera De Soete – the visionary artist behind Ivee Sweet – is known for her eclectic and vibrant soul with her own unique and linguistic dreamy lens to perceive the world. Since her early childhood she was unconsciously on a quest to feel “at home” in her earthly experience. During her graphic design studies and her twenties she encountered some rocky and dark paths, and by the age of 30, her body literally called a halt to her, leading to both a physical and internal healing process before she could fully devote herself to her multidisciplinary art. Her artwork has become a safe bridge to connect on a higher level with her inner frequency and to create and transmit a space for people to dive deep into self-awareness and to inspire, connect and fully embody more love on this planet.