I present here two propositions that require space. 1. Installation The installation consists of two large-format paintings (2.5 x 2.5 m) designed to be placed on the floor and extended by tangible elements (rocks and spheres). The first painting is titled “Birth of Orbits” and directly addresses us, questioning the genesis of our paths and trajectories that lead us to where we are. This work, laid on the floor, allows us to walk around it and view our paths from different angles. The second painting is titled ‘To Become’ and is linked to the first painting. Here, Jac wanted to poetically illustrate the power we have in constructing our brains’ history. Every day, through our experiences, discoveries, relationships, ideas, etc., we have the opportunity to build, mold, and shape ourselves. Our territories of development are numerous and vast; let’s not forget to visit, cultivate, and maintain them. However, our personal power has its limits, and our brain also has its shadows and mysteries. This work is an invitation to take inventory of our provinces and lands to discover, cultivate, or irrigate. 2. Video Mapping ‘Movements’ The proposal is a reactive (to music) and interactive (to the visitor’s action) projection-video mapping around the theme of movement. It is a succession of abstract and meditative landscapes in slow evolution, evoking sinuous, spiral movements inspired by nature. Through ten paintings ranging from 30 seconds to 2 minutes, visitors travel to the languorous rhythms inspired by cyclical movements. The abstract or figurative images react to music or touch. This project aims to be a poetic and sensitive breath to become aware of our rhythms and movements, appearing as an ode to slowness and interiority. Note that the video projection requires specific conditions (low ambient light level, projection surface, viewing area, etc.) that need to be ensured beforehand. Jac has the necessary equipment for the projection. The link to access the video (not currently listed) can be found here.


Jac showed an early and inseparable interest in image and sound. As a child, he enjoyed looking at the images formed in kaleidoscopes or immersing himself in images of space exploration or underwater diving. He discovered photography at the age of 10 and went on to take photography courses. At 18, he considered enrolling in a film school but eventually pursued research in psychology. Concurrently, he continued his work in music and developed a passion for sound and synthesizers. He quickly became interested in using computers in visual and sound creation in the mid-80s, experimenting with random generators, algorithms, and various transformations. With the advent of digital cameras, Jac familiarized himself with image editing software, opening up new horizons for exploration. He also delved into painting, creating his first canvases with a recurring theme of spheres. Today, Jac grounds his work between reality and symbolism, seeking to synthesize all his experiments in the realm of visual and auditory arts. He develops a personal approach, offering sensitive and innovative creations that question the place of humans and future challenges. Approach Jac Dedoy describes his work as transdisciplinary, drawing on his experiences in photography, image processing, drawing, 3D, and more. Beyond technique, what matters to him is telling a story in his compositions. Jac takes the time to mature, to elaborate “layer by layer,” and to patiently choose framing, textures, and lighting. Although his art belongs to the realm of digital arts, his approach is not exclusively digital; he incorporates elements of reality, textures, and lights. Jac Dedoy appreciates printing on new materials such as brushed aluminum, plexiglass, or canvas. He particularly favors brushed aluminum, which emits fluctuating light based on intensity and angle, bringing the artwork to life. From composition to printing, special attention is given to creating an intense visual experience. That’s why his ongoing creations also extend to video, video mapping, virtual reality, etc. Jac Dedoy explores various themes in his works, such as the origins of the world (birth of orbits), the relationship with time and space (in the timeline), universal questions (maternae, nucleus), or abstract ideas (dilemma, the order of things). Jac has an interest in materials and textures marked by the passage of time, as well as rhythm and movement. Contact and Links: Jac Dedoy’s Website Facebook Instagram