With this “Collective Memory” series, Justine Guerriat captures moments from her daily family life, extracting them from their context to join a kind of fertile, universal terrain. Extracted from the present, these images immediately join the latent surface of memory, adopting the status of a trace. Blurred, imprecise, partial… the contours of these images question our relationship with a world that is already yesterday’s.


Justine Guerriat has been studying photography since the age of sixteen. With a taste for study, and particularly for the different teaching methods available using this same tool, she explored the technical and conceptual aspects of photography in turn, first at INRACI and then at La Cambre, where she graduated from the photography workshop in 2015. Today, Justine Guerriat’s relationship with photography is humble and authentic. She joins the intimacy of families, the time of a photo session to immortalize precious moments of their lives. These sessions provide the opportunity for genuine human encounters, an aspect she particularly cherishes in her professional life. At the same time, she is involved in projects where the artistic tool is explored for emancipation purposes, such as at La Maison Commune of Asbl Cultures & Publics, where she has been working since January 2023. She also gives group and individual photo workshops at Espace Womade, a women’s coworking space in the heart of Brussels.