As a visual artist, I am deeply inspired by my environment. The landscapes that surround me, the light that illuminates them and the colors that blend together have a major influence on my artistic practice. I’m particularly fascinated by architecture, whether ancient or modern. I like to play with shapes, colors and textures to create compositions that retrograde the essence of architecture. My work also explores variations in light, which I capture in my works using different techniques.

The range of natural earth colors also has a major influence on my artistic practice. I’m fascinated by the rich shades of browns, reds, yellows and ochres found in nature. I often use these colors in my work to create an earthy, organic mood. I also like to experiment with mixed techniques to create abstract works. I create textures and movements of action using different media such as paint, collage and sculpture. These techniques enable me to create works that convey a raw, expressive energy.

In short, my artistic approach is nourished by my passion for architecture, light, natural earth color and abstract mixed media with movement. My work seeks to capture the beauty of our environment and convey a unique vision of the world around us…


I was born in 1984 in Levallois Perret and have a degree in plastic and applied arts. I’m very attached to the Souss region. From this land come all my influences, whether in the sounds and rhythms that resonate in my music or the colors I exploit. But my ambitions are not satisfied with barriers or blinkers, so I never stop developing what I know how to do, meeting others and in other territories, in different spatial dimensions and confronting myself with other cultures and other artists.