I’ve already taken part in the Ixelles artist trail, where I presented the “caillou organique”: contemporary ceramics and glazed cubes, which were very well received by the public. This year, I’m thinking of presenting ceramics called “les petits curieux”: little characters with wide-open eyes, representing our inner child, our forgotten little naïf, who watches us live in amazement. They have a message for us… will we be able to decipher it? These are non-figurative contemporary sculptures in enamelled stoneware, between 25 and 60 cm high.


experience: since 2010, member of the “sculptam” association, where I developed a passion for working with clay, followed by further training at the Hainaut School of Crafts. training: between 2015 and 2020: courses in throwing (Dour), Raku (Blaugies), enameling (Anna Belèn), enamel chemistry (Keramis). exhibitions: 2è vie (St Amand 2016), Nos jardins (Landas 2018), bienale de la création (Gembloux 2021), “Art for all” (Tournai 2022), Coloma (St Pieters Leuw 2022), “The new artists” (GHmarket Bruxelles 2023), “Mers et oceans” (Talk CEC Ixelles 2023). Artists’ tours: Beleoil 2019, Ixelles selection du jury 2020, Ixelles 2021, prix artistique Antoing 2021, Lessines 2022, Molenbeek 2022, Ixelles 2022. Shows: WE ceramics and glass 2017-2018-2019-2021. Galleries: Galerie 55 Ixelles from 2021 to 2022 – Galerie Talk CEC Ixelles 2023.