Verónica Arís presents vivid portraits in real, abstract and symbolic contexts. She invites you to discover the story behind each character (worked in oil, acrylic, watercolor, dry pastel, charcoal and graphite) through a sensitive and curious reading, capable of finding a possible answer. Don’t miss the opportunity to open up your imagination by enjoying her work.


Verónica Arís was born in Santiago, Chile. She holds two degrees from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile: one in visual arts (2002) and the other in philosophy (2011). During this period, she also moved to Buenos Aires (2004-2008), where she continued her philosophical studies in phenomenology with Professor Roberto Walton at the UBA. Her interest in phenomenology brought her to Belgium, where she completed a Master’s degree at KU Leuven (2016). On her arrival in Belgium, Arís decided to turn her attention to the visual arts, creating a series of charcoal portraits to broaden philosophical discussions outside the academic field. This has two main implications for her: on the one hand, it brings philosophy back to everyday life, and on the other, it transforms the aesthetic experience of visual art into a meaningful scenario for discussion, reflection and self-knowledge. This has led her to take part in group and solo exhibitions in Brussels, Basel, Zagreb, London, Verviers, Miami, Eschweiler and Saint-Denis.