Aged materials, surfaces marked by wear and tear and damaged by harshness, touch me and engage in a dialogue with my sensibility. When time takes hold of matter and transforms it, it’s an experience of robustness and singular beauty. I try to capture and translate this experience in my painting, where organic and mineral matter meet and merge. The chromatic range is restricted. I play with tones and converse with contrasts and nuances. Between abstraction and figurative reference, I paint in close dialogue with chance.


Coming from a hilltop village in the Ardennes, I lived through a time when children were free to explore the spaces available to them, to explore their imaginations and develop their intuitive and sensitive sides. As an adult, I discovered urban environments. Concrete spaces indeed, but where other adventures and discoveries can unfold. My travels introduce me to other places and invite me to seek out otherness. I’m part of all these worlds. They are an infinite source of inspiration for my research and my artistic universe.