A timeless portrait frozen, moving in its own universe. A colorful, surreal and poetic universe plunges us between reality and what is not. Movement can become static or the opposite, stability can become turbulent. Superimposed layers accentuate space and the journey of the eye. Expressions or snapshots are captured. Time is captured by a mixed technique of silkscreen, digital art and acrylic paint.


Bio Marilyn BRAS (Belgian artist, singer and musician) has been immersed in creativity since childhood. At a very young age, she developed a passion for painting, and at the same time took up music. She multiplies her graphic experiments by using different media and techniques (oil paints, acrylics, photos, serigraphs, drawings, engravings, etc.). After graduating from the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles in 2000 with two prizes in her pocket, she took musical expression a step further, making it the guiding thread of her plastic creations. In 2002, she began creating her first songs on her favorite theme: “Passion Mortelle”. She began her concerts as a soloist (vocals/organ), and was later joined on stage by a number of musicians, all dressed up or dressed down in some way to contrast with a simple reality. She invites dancers to enhance the songs with expressive choreography that blends the classical with the modern. Her paintings and a variety of fairy-tale objects from childhood complete a hallucinatory/hallucinatory, colorful show in the form of an imaginary conceptual opera. A wacky world of parties, discoveries and pleasant or terrifying mysteries. A dreamy, out-of-the-ordinary French chanson with a style all her own. An acidic performer with a palette of colors and an open window to unalterable journeys of imaginary views, filled with the motivation to make dreams come true. A visual electro-acoustic sound that reflects universes in flying bubbles, making us pause, see, reflect, feel and let our emotions guide us.