I present jewelry made entirely by hand, one-of-a-kind pieces made using a variety of techniques, including copper electroforming, cold enameling and traditional jewelry techniques.


Passionate about nature, art and travel, I’m strongly influenced by the different adventures I’ve had and continue to have. I see jewelry as an object of art to be worn and an expression of personality and emotion. In 2016, while living in the Big Apple, New York City, I became interested in Japanese culture, self-taught origami techniques and began creating mobiles, decorative frames and jewelry. In 2019, I decided to quit my job to devote myself to my passions, in particular the creation of jewelry and decorative objects. It was then time for me to leave the magical city of New York to pursue a new adventure in Chile. I launched the “Unacasadepapel” brand, blending traditional Japanese origami techniques with modern designs and techniques to create elegant and original jewelry. Increasingly attracted to metalwork, I trained with an experienced and talented jeweler. I then learned the basics of traditional jewelry making and completed my training as a self-taught artist, discovering different techniques such as copper enameling. Since my return to Belgium, I’ve been continuing my training, to give an even different dimension to my creations. Now based in Ath, in the Hainaut region of Belgium, I continue to create artistic jewelry by hand with great passion. My inspiration is everywhere, from my travels to my interactions with the people I meet and the little things of everyday life.