“Sorocity: co-creations and women’s voices in the face of invisibilization” is a project by La Maison Commune that brings together women of multiple identities around the theme of art. The project accompanies them in their exploration of the artistic field, turning their creative potential into a tool for resilience and emancipation. At We Art XL, each of them presents works representing the development of their unique techniques.


Maryvonne Prévot is a multidisciplinary artist based in Brussels and born in Charleroi. For the past twenty years, she has been training at the academy, as well as through courses at AKDT and workshops, in various disciplines of the visual arts, which she uses to share her message. Through painting, contemporary drawing, sculpture and poetry, she conveys her joy, strength and vitality, as well as the images and emotions that run through her. Over the years, she has pursued her own artistic language in parallel with her career as a Germanist, having worked as a researcher, teacher and representative of Scotland’s Highlands and Islands on the European stage. She is currently deepening her knowledge of ceramics and taking up performance art to nourish her artistic creation. Her art celebrates the essential energy of life and the melody of things beyond adversity.