In 2016, during a drawing class at the La Cambre school, Najma Bras embarked on an artistic project that still excites her today. The objective is to draw on her training as a painting restorer and to offer a new creative language. An approach then emerged: reinventing the analysis of artwork supports and expressing the result in the form of intuitive abstract compositions. Intertwining of canvas fibers, organic shapes and movements, microscopic inclusions, various textures, are all elements that populate this fascinated universe. The project, which began as a simple academic exercise, thus became a true invitation to explore oneself and the many dimensions of the “work of art” object.


Najma Bras is an image creator, a passionate designer and a painting restorer living in Brussels. She made her first experiments at the Academy of Visual Arts in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean. At 14, she joined the Ecole de Saint-Luc and completed her artistic studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels. Two schools, two approaches which have influenced his current artistic choices. However, her goal was not to become an artist: she decided to enroll for a bachelor’s degree in art history at the ULB but she did not give up her “pencil”. At the same time, she continues drawing lessons “from a live model” at the Etterbeek Academy. After five years at the La Cambre school, she finally became a conservator-restorer of works of art, specializing in painting. Small digression and yet so important for her: until now, she has never had the opportunity to have a solo exhibition. This is why the Ixelles artist career seems to him to be an excellent opportunity to finally present some aspects of his work and share his passion with the public.