A Riccione Teatro project in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI).
Stage direction: Edoardo Ripani
Cast: Tatiana Pierard, Alba Porte, Anthony Ruotte, Gabriele Simonini
Texts: Philomèle by Silvia Cipollari ; Intense by Denise Diaz ; Le temps est diloqué by Jacopo Giacomoni ; Imprimatur by Alessandro Paschitti ; Gateway by Eliana Rotella ; Tapis rouge by Giulia Trivero
Six shows in one. Six texts by six different playwrights, providing a diverse overview of the new generation of Italian playwrights. They differ in their approach to theater, writing and training, but are united in their search for forms and themes that are unusual in the Italian dramaturgical tradition.