The theme of the exhibition is “Abstractions”. From a light, linked to an emotion, the initial photograph becomes lightened from reality and becomes an abstract image. Each image is linked to a particular place (Odessa, Fontenay Abbey, Mount Bromo in Java). Over the years, decanting work has made it possible to simplify the image, concentrating the light like the process of extracting an essential oil.


PATAVOL is a “visual artist” based in Ixelles. Combining photography and abstraction (sometimes with a musical dimension), PATAVOL explores the world of emotions with ranges of colors, each time adapted to the context. He works like an expressionist artist, letting an emotion emerge from an image, sometimes years after its creation, like a process, a pattern that he repeats over and over again. Reality disappears from the image, “the real is nothing”, the mind can then freely express itself in the infinity of light. PATAVOL exhibited in Asia (universal expo in Shanghai and Thailand), Egypt, Estonia and Belgium. His work has also accompanied musical projects (La Plage, DECLIC, Buddha Bar). He is also an author and performer. EXHIBITIONS: 2015 “Lights of Life”: Brussels (address: 9 rue Ernest Solvay 1050 Brussels). 2012 » Orange Temple »: collective exhibition/’Covent Garden’ (Brussels) 2011 » European Commission (Development) Photo Competition »: collective exhibition / DEVCO Photo Competition (Brussels) 2010 » World Portraits »: Shanghai universal expo (Expo 2010 Shanghai China) at the European Pavilion. 2009 “Taevalik Paradiis”; Estonia: Uue Kunsti Muuseum Esplanaadi 10, Pärnu and Viljandi Uue Kunsti Muueum ( 2009 “Heaven”: after having been the subject of a first exhibition in Brussels (Indigo Gallery), the “Heaven” theme and images migrated to their place of creation and inspiration: Asia. The first Patavol exhibition in Asia took place on Naka Island in Thailand (address: Six Senses Destination Phuket, Thailand). 2008 “Expo Thierry Frugier”: portrait exhibition in 2008 (address: 11 rue de la Tulipe 1050 Brussels). 2006 – “Expo Galerie du Roi Albert”: exhibition of portraits of 1001 Egyptians (Zamalek/ Cairo/ Egypt) Publications, covers and other editions: United Nations (UNWTO)/ Cover of the publication “Sustainable Tourism” (2013) European Commission : Photos from the annual report (from 2003 to 2012). Brochure on “Climate change in the Pacific”. Cover of the CD: “Rythms of the Mind” (released in 2011) Cover of the Vinyl: “La Plage” (released in 2021) Covers of different titles from the group DECLIC: si=62DV7gvxRbe1a9NL5wB5rQ (released in 2022 and 2023)