Nowadays, everyone has a camera, thanks to the widespread use of smartphones. We love to post on social networks the latest memories of activities we’ve taken part in. Unfortunately, these new mediums have gradually distorted people’s vision of physical appearance and life goals. It is therefore in a rather ironic but above all playful way that the passe-tête – that illustrated panel into which you put your head to pretend to be someone else – is here reinterpreted. Initially, the traditional illustrations were replaced by photos taken by Pierre Marino-Smette and laid out in attractive pop colors. After this initial success, the photos were replaced by videos projected directly onto the viewer, or rather onto a tarpaulin through which the viewer pokes his or her head and can see himself or herself in the mirror in front of him or her. A combination of the two techniques (photo and video projection) is presented here. Under the title “I wish I was”, several choices are presented: become muscular or super-fashionable, act as an acrobat, change skin color, etc. This old-school, universal attraction speaks to everyone while generating hours of amusement. And since it’s impossible to take photos or film yourself, it’s all the more conducive to sharing. The result will be plenty of images to share on the Internet, bringing the circle full circle! It’ll come full circle, too, if visitors play along by posting the hashtag #iwishiwas on social networks and indicating the Instagram link (@p_i_i_t). Among the funniest posts published, one lucky winner could be drawn at random and receive a more credible, retouched version of his or her portrait. The instinctive and playful nature of this activity means that everyone can join in. All generations, all styles and genres.


After studying video/photo direction at the Beaux-Arts de Liège and film editing at the Institut des Arts de Diffusion in Louvain-La-Neuve, Pierre Marino-Smette settled, lives and works in Brussels, where he worked for several years as a film editor, then improvised as percussionist & drummer on Dominique A’s “La Mémoire Neuve” tour for two years. On his return, he created and managed “Septante Sept”, one of the first concept stores dedicated exclusively to Belgian designers and artists. In parallel with his photographic work and his career as a DJ (under the name Piiit), he is now developing installations and outdoor itineraries featuring images, lighting effects and projections (of animations and personal video montages). Passionate about series and collections, he collects moments, slices of life, stories. But also numbers, objects, characters and shapes. Almost daily observation of his environment leads him to explore its details, cracks and fissures. He invites viewers to immerse themselves in his work, getting up close and personal to discover the hidden stories. Everything then comes together, a bit like the musical playlists he makes in search of the perfect arrangement, culminating in the ultimate pleasure of sharing them to add color, light and a touch of humor to our daily lives.