3D cut-outs, between tradition and modernity. Cut Out & Light boxes Radu Stefan is so preoccupied with the creative process that he is constantly constructing, inventing, organizing and adding elements that contribute to the development of this technique of cutting and superimposing layers of paper in 3D. His first inspiration came in 2004 during a photo workshop/reportage backstage at Belgium’s most prestigious theater – La Monnaie. The artist’s playful creations- 3D Cut Out- a technique that fuses tradition and modernity, drawing inspiration from Chinese art, paper-cut and modern 3D visual styles. Certain elements of the works evoke the colorful cut-outs of Henri Matisse or the cartoons of Michel Ocelot. However, Radu Stefan Poleac achieves a truly unique style, subtly balancing the conceptual and the aesthetic, interweaving architectural elements and forms from the plant world to create singular imaginative worlds of his own. In her playful, imaginative and delicate compositions, the artist transforms and amplifies matter into a form of poetic communication. He makes further modifications to the construction and composition of his scenes, and the visual result changes dramatically in depth. The main ideas are man, the city and nature. His works are unified in content and theme, with the main motifs recurring throughout the scenes. Defining this three-dimensional technique by the number of works and the diversity of themes addressed, it is the artist’s trademark.


Radu Stefan Poleac, artist twice awarded the Prix du Public -2018 and 2020 for his luminous works Romanian-born Radu Stefan has been working in Brussels, Belgium, since 2003. A sculptor, painter and photographer in one, Radu Stefan is a refreshing and surprising artist. He collaborates with various art galleries and cultural centers, participates in numerous exhibitions and artistic projects, and his works are included in private and public collections in Switzerland, France, Italy, Romania, Luxembourg, the United States, Germany, the Netherlands and, of course, Belgium. In 2018, the artist received his first Prix du Public from the group exhibition Carte de Visite – ARTopenKUNST in Brussels, which each year brings together the work of over 300 Brussels-based visual artists. In 2020, he received a second Prix du Public at an exhibition in Belgium, this time bringing together some 150 artists. His work is becoming increasingly visible and appreciated by the public. Radu Stefan describes himself as a dreamer and idealist who believes in the generous and benevolent nature of humanity, and sees art as capable of transforming the world we live in. Radu Stefan’s artistic explorations focus on humanity, nature, man in relation to the city and nature, and more broadly, man in synergy with the Universe. Art as a meditative spell in motion.