I’ll be presenting a collection of “unisex” jewelry, i.e. jewelry with geometric lines that represent today’s strong, independent women, but that can also be worn by men, and by the LGBTQ community, for whom there is still too little dedicated jewelry.


Nomadic” craftswoman with a passion for the world of gemstones and jewelry. My passion for stones began when I was very young. Over the years, I read, met beautiful people, made discoveries and explored caves, mines and rivers, before eventually working as a trader in precious and semi-precious stones. My favorite countries are India, Sri Lanka and Thailand. As far as jewelry is concerned, I was first trained as a jeweler in Asia, through my various travels, then once back in Belgium, I decided to follow a jeweler’s course. I’m constantly acquiring new knowledge in this field via the different countries I travel to, as each culture has a different know-how that it’s interesting to know, understand and apply.My work consists of appreciating cultural riches, drawing on local craftsmanship, and retranslating the beauty observed through jewelry. Just as in fusion cuisine, where flavors from all over the world are blended harmoniously, I strive to create contemporary designs from different cultures and with different skills, to create the most beautiful effect, because it’s all a question of taste!