Through my pieces, I am committed to promoting tradition and modernity, showcasing both my expertise and creativity. The creation of each piece is an ongoing challenge, allowing me to explore the various possibilities available to me. Emphasis is placed on volumes, materials, and their interaction with light. In pursuit of simplicity, I am guided towards the essential; through my passion and impulses, I breathe life into unique and ever-evolving works. The formation of the shape is not intellectual and logical but rather gestural and instinctive, guided by intimate and physical contact with the earth. The eye alone is no longer sufficient; we barely skim its surface with our fingertips, taking it into our hands as touch completes the discovery of the artwork.


A former student of the School of Arts in Ixelles, specializing in the ceramics section. Positioned at the intersection of ceramics, sculpture, and installation, each artist has developed a unique and highly personal artistic universe. Embracing diversity in materials, techniques, and types of production, they strive to enhance the visual and tactile perception of their works, as well as their relationships with space and light.