I will be exhibiting a series of original etchings and drypoints (portraits and landscapes) and a few landscapes in oil. My engravings, etchings and oil paintings represent an interior landscape or portraits, and take as their pretext the force of natural elements (mountains, sea, clouds, storms…), this force that comes to strike and create the crack. It is through the crack that light can slip through. Some of these engravings are reproduced as art prints in limited editions. The “giclée” process is a highly accurate, high-quality reproduction of an original work.


Through various media, I seek to express the subtle aspect of our world. I have exhibited in Paris and central France (Galerie de l’excellence in La Roche Posay). I moved to Ardèche a few years ago, where I have exhibited my work. I moved to Brussels a year ago, where I set up a shared studio. Having trained in engraving at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Versailles, I concentrate on this technique and also on oil painting. I was deeply influenced by Friedrich’s work and his notion of the sublime, as well as by the works of Zao Wu Ki and Roerich in particular. I seek to explore what lies beyond us, through the contrast between the threshold and the infinite, and through work on light and emptiness. Etching, sometimes used in a mixed technique with acrylic or pastel, enables me to express this force, to seek out light while revealing the unpredictable and even the mysterious. As far as oil painting is concerned, I’ve moved on from abstract knife art to the technique of superimposing many layers of glaze, inspired by the works of the great Italian Renaissance painters.