I mainly work on identity and I have particularly dealt with self-portraits, the return to childhood, self-esteem and letting go. Here, I will present drawings and paintings created over the last 3 years. You will find current self-portraits as well as portraits of me as a child made from family photos. In my artistic practice, I have worked on different formats. Today, I work mainly on large formats like A3 (minimum), A2 or even a large eagle format (75x110cm). I made this choice in order to test my ability to let go and realize my artistic potential. I work on various techniques; acrylic, ecoline, walnut husk, charcoal, pencils, posca and collage.


Stéphanie Okitadiowo was born in 1997 in Brussels and of Congolese origin. Coming from a single-parent family, from working-class immigration, Stéphanie has always been aware of these differences and has been able to see the different facets of Brussels. As a child, his mother took him everywhere with her, which awakened his curiosity and his sensitivity to human beings. Since her early childhood, Stéphanie has been drawing what she sees, particularly portraits. His dream was to “be an artist and draw portraits”. On Sundays, she preferred to stay near her mother at church and draw what was around her. Very shy, Stéphanie has forged an identity through her style (body modification; piercings and tattoos) and the alternative environments she frequents over time. We can consider Stéphanie as Afropunk. It was in 2014 that she joined the secondary Saint-Luc Institute in Brussels and took her first steps in the world of visual arts. In 2017, she graduated from the Royal Academy of Secondary Fine Arts of the City of Brussels. It was during her artistic training that she developed a fascination for large format drawings. After an artistic course, she began studying psychology assistant which she ended up stopping. Since then, she has reoriented herself and completed a degree in Visual Arts in order to teach the following disciplines: visual arts and art history.