I’d like to present a series of paintings inspired by portraits taken around the world. The paintings are based on 120/80cm sheets of exotic wood. The technique used is stencilling, 6 shades of gray. I use spray paint cans. As I admire Nordin Bansaccal’s work, it was only natural that we decided to collaborate. For this series of paintings, I’m leaving aside my street character and sculptures to develop and complicate the stencil technique. My aim is to isolate from their context the human beings that Nordin met during his travels, in order to retranscribe all the humanity that we can find in his photos. We can also present the painting accompanied by the reference photo.


The Strange Bird project began in 2017. From this period, several Stencils / Sculpture were placed in the streets of Brussels. The works presented in the street are trompe l’oeil composed of two techniques: Stencils and Sculpture. Each work represents a character “stuck” in the walls of the city. The character tries to emerge from the walls in order to communicate with passers-by. Borrowing the colors of his prison (concrete gray), this character lives in a surreal world. He can also be protesting, while remaining poetic. During the period of confinement, with the impossibility of placing works on the street, the Strange Bird project naturally turned to one-off works on different media. Following the creation of these works, I had the pleasure of taking part in several exhibitions: WeArtXl, Art Truc and Troc, ExtraSmall, Opening of Talk CEC, “Mer et océans” at Talk CEC, “Pakistan” ft Nordin Bansaccal, …