Sylvie Malfait Carakehian continually digs into the material to extract new territories, compositions that are both intimate and universal. Its colors, its transparencies, its shapes, its alphabets slip between the paper and the press to allow us to stroll between the sinuous lines of its undulating paths. Our gaze can thus catch the spaces that it opens to our curiosity, captured by the harmonious whole or by the details, here and there, escaped from a primordial chaos. Each unique work challenges the very logic of engraving, refusing the temptation of multiplying images. All this positive energy, born from doubt as well as convictions, is offered to us in various formats and varied alliances.


Artist – Visual Artist Lives and works in Brussels. Graduated in Visual Arts: – Ecole Supérieure des Arts St Luc – Ecole Supérieure des Arts de l’image, “Le 75”, graphic design section – RHoK academie Etterbeek engraving section – Internships at the Contemporary Art Workshops – Has regularly participated in exhibitions since 2004