Painting on canvas


Working on canvas, paper, walls or other supports. Using paint, inks such as metylene blue, I like to survey the canvas like a laboratory, cutting out shapes from an unusual landscape, whether it comes from everyday life or is pure science fiction. Then I reinterpret them in my own way, often in an organic, vegetal or even minimalist framework, superimposing or erasing them, ironing them to achieve the desired result or not. It’s as if I were investigating a subject, manipulating it, filtering it and then reassembling it in the wrong order, creating harmony and a completely different confrontation with paint. When I started out, my paintings were limited to graffiti from the street and the supports it can offer us, then as I broadened my field of vision, I fell in love with abstract art, then the cobra movement. For me, knowing how to combine realism and abstraction is a beautiful combination. There are many possible combinations in drawing and its vocation to express a subject, but what I prefer is to make quick studies that will sometimes be transcribed onto a canvas. It reminds me of the adrenalin and risk-taking that can be found in street graffiti.