The exhibition “ULB s’expose” invites you to discover works created by members of the academic community of the Université libre de Bruxelles, selected by a jury of professionals from Brussels art schools from among the 115 collected submissions.

The creations, proposed by students, members of administrative, technical, academic, and scientific staff, as well as alumni, will cover all forms of art: painting, drawing, comics, collage, sculpture, digital arts, photography, video, and more, in order to best reflect the artistic activities of the various participants.

Featured artists: Aya Akbib, Salomé Bauduin, Antonio Camargo, Peter Castro, Olivier Corten & Pierre Klein, Françoise Chatelain, Marie Decleire, René de Wilde, Fanny Diabanza, Maxime Durant, David Faniel, Benoît Feron, Maximo Hermosillo Silva, Niki Kokkinos, Cécile Kranzer, Elodie Leenaert, Aleksandra Matynia, Zohra Monoyer Amrous, Anas Moutaouakil, Sosthène Mova Kawen, Maedeh Norouzi, Margot Oehler, Anissa Ouzeroual, Nina Petit, Lola Podevijn, Fatma Ressaïssi, Abdel Sadou, Elsa Tabet, Anne-Françoise Tasnier, Tom Thiercelin, Alain Tonnet, Ginevra Tundo Rauseo, Nathalie Vanderlinden, Barbara van der Putt.