I’m interested in the representation of the perception of reality, whether of things or of living beings. All beings perceive their environment subjectively. The same subject is never perceived in the same way when temporality intervenes. And that’s precisely what I like about oil painting: the possibility of representing 4 dimensions in 2. During the 2023 artists’ tour, I’d like to present canvases painted with this in mind, while subtly exploring the status of women. (Hidden) references to the works of lesser-known yet absolutely deserving artists past and present will further entertain, inform and educate the viewer’s eye.


My basic training is as a researcher in applied sciences. This profession allowed me to travel all over the world before finally landing in Brussels. Thanks to the Ecoles Des Arts d’Ixelles, a reduced-schedule higher art education, I graduated in painting in 2022 with the Bourgmestre et Echevins prize in my pocket. Since then, I’ve continued to exhibit (group shows: Hexagonal, Chapelle de Boondael, solo show at the prestigious club “The Nine”), so I’m continuing my quest to present works on subjects that question and preoccupy me.