From his earliest observations of life around him as a child, to the current development of his works, the same thoughtfulness and concentration animate his agile hand and keen eye. Movement intertwined in a knot, untying itself under the gaze. These words seem to sum up his art. Taken from all centers, the eye wanders through the meanders of color and brushstroke, forming the characters and their ever-changing position on the canvas. Life, free and fluid, is glitched at a particular moment, opening up all the potentials before and after the pause; or more interestingly, opening up the precise moment of observation. Here we are, caught up in the scene, rooted in that very rare conversation between two differences as each turns toward a unity. The relationship is this movement. The relationship between the viewer and the viewed, a relationship taken a notch further when movement constantly evolves this relationship and its viability. It is this knot of potential wedging that loosens as the gaze merges into the flow of the present. This is the knot that Zerone Birti loosens. And we hope to be there for this engaging disentanglement. P.Gouverneur


Zerone Birti, born January 27, 1988 in Uccle, is a Belgian artist. After studying comics at Saint-Luc, he continued his artistic career at the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts in Brussels, graduating in 2014. Determined to continue in the medium of painting. For a time, he worked in the workshops of the Théâtre Royal de la Monnaie. Then as a set painter in the film industry. Alongside his more “food” work, he continues to develop his art and technique, using both oil and acrylic paints and digital computer techniques. Through his work, Zerone explores the duality between his love of realistic figurative representation; and that of the abstract, of stains, of the turbidity of things; whether concrete or sentimental. “I paint to express who I am, hoping to echo whoever is looking at my canvases.