The works presented here are part of the “Pénétrables” project. In this project, using various media (painting, sculpture, drawings), I attempt to define the possible conditions of the female body. The fragmented body is the recurring theme and vector in my research and creation. Through my work, I aim to recreate an intimate, personal sensation from these raw, universal elements, evoking pain, desire, conformity and liberation in an abstract way. Disassociated from their origins and distilled to their abstract form, these body fragments carry an echo of their former existence and are combined to generate a new narrative.


Zeta Tsermou is a multidisciplinary artist born in Athens, Greece. Although she studied architecture and worked as an architect and jewelry designer, she has always expressed herself through art and kept her artistic practice to herself. When she decided to pursue art as a path, she studied sculpture at the Athens School of Fine Arts and committed herself to creating and experimenting using all the diverse experience of the fields of architecture and design. She uses in turn or simultaneously painting, drawing, engraving, sculpture, ceramics, video and poetry.