‘Les ∞ moutons’ April 2023: Who has never dreamed of a zero-carbon and completely harmless source of energy that can be used without any worries? It would be a beautiful fairy tale. In reality, that’s exactly the image the nuclear industry wants to portray, and surprisingly, it seems to be succeeding. On July 6, 2022, the European Parliament adopts the green label for nuclear energy. While the issue of radioactive waste storage becomes increasingly concerning, investments in nuclear energy are now considered sustainable. Nuclear energy is still too often seen as clean. ‘Les ∞ moutons’ is not a fairy tale; it’s reality. ‘La poire’ April 2022: Here are the planes as they were above Europe nine days after the invasion in Ukraine, a “special military operation” announced by Vladimir Putin on February 24, 2022. Immediately, Volodymyr Zelensky calls for external help. However, these planes circumventing the disputed territory represent the difficulty other countries face in helping Ukraine for fear of escalating the conflict on a global scale. The title ‘La Poire’ refers to a ball game of the same name that I played a lot when I was a child. In this game, two players exchange a ball over a third player in the middle who tries to intercept it.


Born in Ixelles in 2004, I have always lived in Brussels until last year. The beginning of my artistic activity was clearly marked by a major change in 2019 when I stopped intensive high-level sports from one year to the next to start sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Saint-Josse-ten-Noode for a year. The confinement due to the pandemic the following year acted as a stepping stone for me, as I had a lot of free time to develop and learn. I particularly created a series of images that I presented the same year to enter the screen printing workshop at the School of Arts in Ixelles. The second decisive change in my artistic journey occurred last year when I finished high school and started my studies in Situ at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. It is now six days a week that I dedicate to a new life, discovering another city with different spaces, different frameworks, creating a whole new social network, and speaking new languages. The remaining day starts on Friday afternoon until Saturday at the same time when I return to Brussels to continue my screen printing studies. My work is fueled by reality and urgent questions that will undoubtedly have an impact on its future. Considering the importance of this, my works are always politically thought out, although it is not always noticeable. The question that fuels most of my reflections is that of ignorance, a topic that I often articulate around ecology. In the screen printing workshop, my approach follows the same trajectory but in a different setting and, consequently, a different approach. Due to my studies in Antwerp for which I devote the majority of my time, I often arrive at the screen printing workshop with images and ideas still underdeveloped, having no idea of the result. That’s why my approach to screen printing differs from the generally anticipated and controlled view of it. With this approach, I work very openly and influenced by everything that can happen in the workshop, allowing for comments, accidents, unforeseen events, and lost time. My only expectation from screen printing – as opposed to the printer – is that the workshop is a stage that changes my images and ideas.