From the outset, my work has been a reflection on memory, recollections and inner journeys. Later, the unifying thread was and continues to be travel, displacement travel, displacement, migration, the search for identity and roots. Over the years, I’ve built scenarios and series that reflect my reflect my journey of emotional and geographical displacement, creating and geographical displacement, creating images and metaphors of what was these moments. My work travels from one subject to another, from one technique to another, with which I try to shed light on these experiences, these changes of skin, these mutations of being. mutations of being. “Êtres de mémoire” is my latest series. It’s an intimate very personal attempt to bring to life the ghosts of memory, to reunite reuniting with my personal roots through the primal beauty of nature. of nature. Working with ceramics and porcelain evokes memories of my childhood. childhood. Porcelain retains the memory of being handled while working as we humans retain the memory of the passage of time. With painting and drawing, I initiated an approach to doodling, in an automatic way automatic way, seeking to explore a creative exercise in the unconscious and intuitive. and intuitive; it evolved into imaginary landscapes, coinciding with a return to the geographical landscape of my childhood in Ecuador and the nostalgia evoked by living on the move. These micro- and macro-worlds of the past and present are linked to my personal interest in quantum physics. in quantum physics, where all processes are linked to their minimal forms from cells to galaxies. The organic forms I recreate are my homage to my roots, my family and my love of nature. During the artist’s tour, I’ll be presenting a collection of paintings, drawings, monotypes and ceramics.


Graduated from the School of Fine Arts of the Central University of Quito, Ecuador (1991). She graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing (2000). She studied visual anthropology at the University of Lima, and ceramics with Sonia Céspedes Rossel also in Lima (2013-2015). She won 1st prize in the National Printing Competition at Ecuador’s House of Culture (1993), and 1st honorable mention at the Painting Biennial in Lima (1997). She was co-cultural director of the “Positive Art Workshop” (2002) in Beijing, China, of the “Camión del Arte” (2008) and member of Estampería Quiteña since 2012 in Ecuador, of the Yangon Art and Heritage Festival (2015 and 2017) in Myanmar (Burma) and founding member of Artistes du Monde for Kids ASBL (2022). She is a multi-faceted Ecuadorian artist. Her nomadic life and stays in China, Senegal, Peru, Belgium and Myanmar have enriched her reflection on the symbiosis and exchanges between cultures and their reciprocal influences. Diana’s artistic practice is neither static nor fixed by the use of a single medium, but travels with her as she travels. She uses various media and techniques (painting, photography, engraving, installation, ceramics, performance) to formalize her reflections on the world. Shapes and colors become a pretext, a parenthesis for wandering through her creative world. She currently lives in Belgium and Ecuador.